SD-WAN Solutions bring a series of advantages for all companies

In the era of technology in which we currently live, companies have a duty to adapt and evolve with the technological advance that is taking place every day. The main point in the companies are the WAN networks, these have caused these companies sd wan products to diversify a lot geographically, due to the increase and physical relocation that they experience. It can be seen clearly in the increase in the number of remote and mobile users. Something else we must consider is the way in which those users access information and applications; they do so through outsourced services, the vast majority based on the cloud. The companies that used links no longer make sense and the old architecture of the WAN network has become obsolete.

Leading SD-WAN providers have studied and considered all this and that is why it offer unique platforms, adapted to their customer’s needs, so they can reduce operating costs and improve IT complexity, always maintaining the functionality, reliability, and security that are very important at the corporate level. What all companies are looking for is a communications network with all its capacity and SD-WAN can give them.
It is for all this that leading SD-WAN providers show us the advantages that all SD WAN solutions bring with them, among these advantages we can mention:
• Global and Detailed View: with the CNM Visualizer you can monitor in real time how users use the different services and applications; you can generate a very detailed report of these events if required.
• Automatic ZTP configuration: the CNM Provisioner is one of the solutions that are ready for massive and critical deployments. It can cover the configurations of an SD-WAN network like those of a traditional network and regardless of the complexity of the network; it can also minimize the implementation of tasks on the site.
• Integration: you can unify all the administration of the base installed in a branch in a single glass panel. And with Cloud Net Manager you can enable troubleshooting and maintenance operations for both large and small corporate networks. All equipment will be covered, from network routers to WiFi access points.