Different Uses Of Essential Oils

If you are here asking the question, do essential oils make us healthy apart from smelling good ? My answer would be a definite yes. So as it making healthy you don’t need to send your money on the medical bills. You can cut back the money spend on over the counter medication. Although people are aware if the fact such as what are essential oils and where do they come from, they often lack the understanding of what oil can be used for certain condition. If you know it then you can start saving your money spending for diseases. Essential oils are also used in the body cream , skin cream lotions and hair care products too. It’s being used to bring a well relaxed sleep, fight with allergies, used in hangover and used in insect repellent. Although essential oils are used for many purposes use the right essential oil for your purposes. For example lavender essential oil are well known for calming properties so you can use it for sleep. Citrus oils are used to bring energy. To enjoy all the benefits the high quality essential oils.

Given below are some of the best uses of essential oils

Weight Loss

If you want to lose some weight , you can try essential oils for this. Instead of trying the heavy diet plans and some funny stuffs ,usage on essential oils will you help you to lose weight fast. People generally use yoga for weight loss. It will help you to lose weight but with the company of essential oils, it’s even great for weight loss. With just few drops of essential oils like grapefruit, lemon, Fennel, ginger, cinnamon and bergamot you can easily overcome the craving on food. If you don’t have a craving automatically you will eat less. Some essential oils also offer a ton load of physical benefits. It can boost your energy level, speed up your metabolism and also helps indigestion. If the body’s metabolism is high and your digestive system works fine your body will burn more and more calories every day. This is how essential oil helps in weight loss.


One of the most important ways to use the essential oil is for treatment purposes. We can use essential oil in our daily live to throw away many diseases. Everyone of us are suffering from many kinds of diseases. Right from the fever to the killing disease like cancer. If we keep our immunity work strong, no diseases can catch us.

Although there are so many diseases which can be solved using essential oils, we take most common problems like headache, arthritis, joint pain and so on. Essential oils also help to get over the issues like acne, depression, cold, cough and vein thrombosis.


We also use essential oils in our home from diffuser to disinfectant to cleaning products. You can use essential oil to kill the bad bacteria and other insects as well. But make sure to use these essential oil in a careful way since you are using the essential oil as a poison. So you don’t need to buy a separate kind of poison to kill bacteria and other insects.

Essential oils can also be used to smell good in your home. For that you need to follow some steps. Using diffusers is one the best ways to diffuse the essential oil. Citrus oil makes you feel energized.

Lavender oil makes a relaxed environment and tea tree oil makes a clear skin.

Lemon essential oil is used for many purposes. It’s used in common body illnesses and it works a lot in improving the mental health. Getting lemon essential oil is quiet cheaper than other essential oils. Because the availability of lemon is much. Just use lemon essential oil to diffuse around and breath it properly. Use 2 to 3 drops of lemon essential oil in the food item. It will make the food good without any bacteria. In the washing environment lemon essential oil is used to clean the dirt from the cloths. You can also add lemon essential oil as a flavour to food. In adding to adding the taste, it also helps in easy digestion. Lemon essential oil can also be used as a room freshener because as well know lemon contains a citric acid.

Other Uses

Essential oils can also be used in perfumery products, deodorants, calmness inducers, soothe the crying baby, animal relaxation, favouring the food and the more. Getting a bottle of essential oil is equal to the getting of 10 products in a unique form.